The most common complaint that we used to hear was that maintaining a dynamic website took too long and that design and webhosting companies charged too much. We've solved this with the SiteManager Content Management System.

SiteManager is an easy to use system that is designed for the expert and the novice alike. You can maintain your personal or business web site without any knowledge of code or how to use file transfer protocols. You can even have multiple users so that various staff members can keep your website current.

The core of SiteManager is the page editor and you can add pages, remove pages, edit existing content, change the formatting, and add or delete images from your pages. You can even cut and paste content from other applications and the page editor will handle it easily.


SiteManager Business Card

Business Card - single page listing with secure contact form

$15.00 $165.00
SiteManager Business Basic

Business Basic - no modules with secure contact form

$21.00 $231.00
SiteManager Business Standard

Business Standard - upto 3 standard modules

$33.00 $363.00
SiteManager Business Advanced

Business Advanced - upto 6 standard modules

$45.00 $495.00
SiteManager Business Plus

Business Plus - standard modules with unlimited space/bandwidth

 $60.00 $660.00
SiteManager Business Ecommerce

Business Ecommerce - upto 3 standard modules and Shopping Cart

$45.00 $495.00
SiteManager Ecommerce Plus

Business Ecommerce Plus - Ecommerce and Customer Management

$75.00 $825.00
SiteManager Business Management

Business Management - Ecommerce and Profit and Loss with GST

$100.00 $1100.00
SiteManager Business Satellite Site

Satellite Site - an additional Business Basic website

$12.00 $108.00

There is a one off configuration charge of $30.00 to install a single standard module. If multiple standard modules are being configured at the same time there will be a reduction.

The configuration charge for the Shopping Cart, Customer Management, and Business Management Systems and new development work is charged at $90.00 per hour.

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